color correction

No one wants gloomy or dull photographs of their bright and shiny and happy memories. Weather conditions might not always be in favour. So, this photo retouching technique enhances the photo by adjusting contrast, colour tones, exposure, saturations, shadows and sharpness and turns it into the memory to keep forever and turns a product so nice that customers won’t just walk past by.

Colour Correction is one of the most sought-after services nowadays because, like lighting, it also communicates the story of the images. Photos may look gloomy and boring for many reasons. Therefore, photographers, especially event photographers,who seek to optimise the look of their photographs get the Colour Correction works done by professionals. Because, they cannot take any photos of the event once the it is over.

At Clipping Crew, we focus on bringing the full potential of your images through Colour Correction technique. Our colour correction crews take time to learn your taste and preferences to give you the output you desire. Your photos will communicate the exact mood of the memories after our crews have performed their color correction works on them.


colour adjustment

our colour correction service includes:

– colour adjustment
– colour temperature and tint adjustment
– exposure adjustment
– multiple colour outputs of a single item
– colour tones adjustment
– highlight & shadow adjustment
– contrast and saturation correction
– clarity and vibrancy adjustment
– sharpness, contrast and density correction
– black and white image to colored image

We also offer revisions until you are not happy with the first colour correction outcome and it is free! Please feel free to contact us at any time with your requirements and our crews will be at your disposal with best possible solution.