amazon & eBay image processing

In the world of Internet, images are the most valuable assets. Especially when we are selling products on ecommerce platforms. Success of the products depends on the quality of the photographs. Seeing an attractive photograph lures the customers instantly. That is why Clipping Crew is sought after frequently by the online sellers and resellers for their products’ images to look brilliant to attract customers once they see the images.

E-commerce platforms like Amazon and eBay brings hundreds or thousands of customers and potential customers every day and the competition between the sellers are also very high. Therefore, the products that are sold on Amazon and eBay must stand out from the competition and must meet specific image requirements to qualify to compete. And for big platforms like Amazon, those images which comply more requirements are likely to be found faster and get more clicks which increase the conversion rate significantly.

However, you need not to worry about size standards and requirements because our Crew are expert image resizers and are here to ease your concern. We are well aware of the different standards and requirements for Amazon and eBay product images and have an expert and skilled team available at your disposal at any time.

Amazon Product Images

Rules for the first or primary image of the products on an Amazon listing are very
strict and must be followed 100% for better success rate.



drawings or illustrations– Sketches, drawings or illustrations of the products are forbidden
– Only Professional photographs or cover art of the products are allowed
– At least 1280 pixels on the longest side is approved
– Images must not contain any additional confusing objects, text or graphics
– Pure White background is required
– 85% or more of the image frame must be filled with the products only, except books & DVDs
– Products partially out of frame is not allowed

Rules for additional images are less strict after the first image. So, you can do the followings:

– Close-up images or cropped images are allowed
– Change of background and environments are okay
– Insert of additional objects like texts and graphic works

eBay Product Image

Picture standards on eBay are focused on making the images look greater, especially on
mobile devices. The rules are a lot more relaxed on eBay and Amazon


Picture standards on eBay

You need to make sure the followings for eBay:

– Longest side of the image is at least 500 pixels. However, 1600 -pixels is highly recommended
– Avoid picture borders, text and graphic works in the images
– Picture size must not, in any case, exceed 7MB

Since we have been providing this service for a while, we have made a list of the standards that will work both for Amazon and eBay products for you. To stand out in the competition, the followings – must be ensured:

Image Resize:

– Longest edge pixel requirements: At least 1280 pixel
– No files with more than 7MB in size is allowed

Object Removal:

– No text or logos or slogan are allowed to be included in the image

Background Removal and change:

– Pure white background is required
– Products partially out of frame is not allowed
– 85% of the image frame must be covered by the product

Following the above standards or rules will make sure your products don’t fall behind the competition.