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about us

We started providing specialized photo editing services a long time ago. But it was in 2009, in Birmingham, UK,when we gathered some expert crews to sail our ship with a vision to provide the best online photo editing service for the customers all over the world by bringing expertise and excellence under the banner of Clipping Crew.

Number of our crews grew over the years along with the number of happy customers. Our team of 37 crews are highly skilled and experienced in their own working fields. All our Crews graduated from reputed Graphic Arts Institutes and are highly professional and enthusiastic and passionate when it comes to deliver excellence.

We have been working with many famous and professional photographers and marketers and marketing agencies, leading multinational and local brands, and e-commerce sites across the world for more than 12 years. We are well known for our commitment to deliver the best and our stewardship attitude towards every project.

Millions of photos are being taken every day. Some are taken to keep priceless memories and some for commercial needs. Clipping Crew’s aim is to take ordinary photographs and turn them into masterpieces that express remarkable stories.

why you would love to work with us

– Highest level of accuracy is ensured with our team of highly skilled image editing professionals

– Stewardship attitude towards every task

– We believe in sustainable and long-term relationship with our clients

– We offer cost-effective rates for small orders and discounts on bulk orders. So, you can afford the best online image editing service at low cost

– Highly secured workstations to provide complete assurance of data security. Your images will be highly secured

– We offer revisions until you are satisfied

– 24/7 availability